StorAMP is a FREE cloud storage explorer that supports variety of cloud providers:

  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 1
  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2
  • Amazon S3 buckets
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Databricks DBFS

and more coming...

Fast, native Windows application, downloadable from the Windows 10 Store:

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By installing from Windows 10 Store you get automatic updates, sandboxed application (it can't damange your system or write where it's not supposed to - it simply doesn't have permissions to do so) and it just feels nice and safe.

Made for Humans

StorAmp is made by professionals for professionals. It's used heavily every day by many engineers and it-ops to investigate and troubleshoot customer issues, perform daily development tasks, and so on. Unlike others, we don't make product just for the sake of it.

StorAmp doesn't use slow and heavy web frameworks that call themselves a Desktop, it's a native Windows application that utilises OS and hardware resources efficiently. Why only Windows? Because we think it's better to do an application for a single OS right, rather than for all OSes wrong.

It really kicks the cloud's a**

Loading times and navigation in StorAmp is extremely fast, in fact it's as fast as navigating a local filesystem. It just feels natural, it's productive, it's ergonomic, it doesn't get in your way and stays a helpful productivity tool which is what software originally was intended to do.


StorAmp think Windows is it's primary OS and optimises for it all the time. All the operations are simple, native and intuitive. For instance, to upload files to a storage account, you can simply drag them from Windows explorer into the storage account panel:

To copy files between storage accounts, you can simply drag them into another open tab:

Simplicity and intuitivity goes all the way in StorAmp.