Isoline Ltd.
Software Architecture. Cloud computing. Security Assurance.

Cloud Computing

Isoline Ltd. can provide you with cloud planning and implementation solutions to help your business journey to the cloud.

For those clients already in the cloud we can help you maximise the benefit and drive efficiency and value from your data and use of the technologies.

Isoline Ltd. services are based on implementing best practice and low risk technology and will help minimize business risk when navigating the many complexities involved in building and operating a cloud. We help your current management learn the new skills needed to integrate the optimal cloud environment to facilitate your strategic and technical business requirements.

We work with major leading cloud providers including - Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. We are therefore active contributors to Microsoft and Amazon opensource projects and own a few open-source projects around hybrid cloud solutions ourselves. Our professionals are very early adopters of the most major cloud solutions and were building custom cloud solutions before cloud computing existed as we know it today.

Using cloud technologies has many benefits:

  • scalability It allows you to scale up and down on demand without worrying about the costs and delay involved with your own hardware infrastructure
  • Value Cloud computing can and will decrease your IT associated costs significantly and with big data analytics, can even lead to smarter business decisions
  • Security Better standard security levels and tools out of the box
  • Availability Cloud service providers give contractual up-time service levels that can be passed onto your customers


Security Assurance

With many concerns surfacing about the vulnerability of data in the cloud, tighter data protection laws coming into force.

And the need to understand how data actually moves between access points and physical regions, customers have become more conscientious about handing over their personal data without assurance and legal protection. Many customers will now ask you for ISO/ IEC 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) as standard to provide that assurance, and many companies are choosing it as the baseline for their security controls and practices. ISO 27001 is the most well known information security standard in the world for implementing information security best practce.

Isoline Ltd. can provide you with ISO 27001:2013 implementation services and see you right through to certification. We can provide a fully outsourced implementation service or an advisory service while you implement ISO yourself, or a more tailored service to meet your requirements or compliment your current in-house resources.

ISO 27001 implementation services will help you apply:

  • Risk Focus by understanding and prioritising what types of information matter and the current threats and vulnerabilities to that data
  • Protection add additional or tailor current controls to reduce the risk to that data
  • Compliance Assurance it forces you to look at your contractual and statutory obligations and how you meet those
  • Policies and Process you will obtain an added element of company governance where it really matters and makes a difference

We can also help you achieve other ISO implementations or certiications alongside ISO 27001. It is great value for money to implement and certify to several ISO standards together. Depending on your type of business you might find customers require you to have one or more of the following, which we can help you achieve:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 20000 IT Service Management
  • ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management
  • ISO 27018 Protection of Personally Identifiable Information in the Cloud
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management


Software Architecture

Designing, developing and using unique software is no easy feat.

We will help you define and realise your software ideas whether it is an existing software project or with a new vision. We will also tell you what you need if all you have is a problem to solve. We have delivered hundreds of successful projects and have a long history of working with industry, government, start-ups to create, mature and transition software architecture, as well as the project management that is needed alongside.

More than often software projects fail. The most apparent reasons are:

  • Projects are under budgeted
  • Resoures are underestimated
  • Objectives are not clear and expectations are therefore not managed
  • Technical resources lack the cutting edge technical skills
  • Senior developers are forced into a project management position with little cross management training

We can provide you with one dedicated architect to design and manage your project through out.