Storage.NET is a field-tested .NET library that helps to achieve polycloud techniques.

It provides generic interface for popular cloud storage providers like Amazon S3, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hub, Azure Storage, Azure Data Lake Store thus abstracting Blob and Messaging services.

It also implements in-memory and on-disk versions of all the abstractions for faster local machine development. Connection strings are supported too!

Storage.Net is used by some big Fotrune 500 companies, large, medium and small businesses, open-source projects and even desktop applications like this one I've developed as well.


I'm not really sure why there are so many similar storage providers performing almost identical function but no standard. Why do we need to learn a new SDK to achieve something trivial we've done so many times before? I have no idea. If you don't either, use this library.

Storage.Net abstracts storage implementation like blobs, tables and messages from the .NET Applicatiion Developer. It's aimed to provide a generic interface regardless on which storage provider you are using. It also provides both synchronous and asynchronous alternatives of all methods and implements it to the best effort possible.

Storage.Net supports Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hub, Azure Storage, Azure Data Lake Store, Amazon S3, Azure Key Vault and many more, out of the box, with hassle-free configuration and zero learning path.

Storage.Net is totally FREE AND OPENSOURCE and is available on GitHub.