Parquet.Net is "dead"

  • By Ivan Gavryliuk
  • In Apache Parquet
  • Posted 23/04/2019

If you've ever wondered why there are not many updates to parquet-dotnet project is it's because it's "dead". Not literally, however it hasn't been worked on for a long time, at least 3-4 months now. The project I was using in has pretty much gone in production, and there is simply nothing to add to it.

Of course, it's open-source and anyone can contribute to it, make changes, fork, improve etc. However, the truth is - OpenSource sucks. It's so rare that people are actually contributing the cases can be counted on one hand. It's not only but almost any opensource project. Community generally is lazy and sucks. People don't really understand what OSS is, and there is zero understanding that OSS project maintainers don't owe you anything. Rather than complaining that everything sucks (something is not clear in documentation) you actually should try to figure it out and contribute changes.

Unfortunately, any ways to commercialise OSS have failed - people are just not ready to pay or contribute, they are used to get everything for free and just endlessly complain.

I hope one day we will resurrect this project if there is a need and there is a way to pay developer's salary to work on it, however this is definitely not the case in the nearest future.

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